Do you know your carbon footprint?

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Sustainable travel can help to greatly reduce your carbon footprint. Per Kilometre, it is generally estimated that trains emit 50% less CO2 than cars and 90% less than planes, so when you can, travel by train.

By using the train for a typical 30 mile trip you could save 4Kg of Co2 per journey when compared to traveling in a medium sized petrol car; effectively halving your travel carbon footprint - every day

If you were to cycle or walk to work rather than use your car just once a week, you could reduce your carbon footprint by up to 20%. To quickly calculate your carbon footprint, visit the carbon Calculator Website:


Around 40% of CO2 emissions in the UK are caused by things we do as individuals. Across these activities, car travel is the single biggest contributor to personal CO2 emissions; here are 5 ways to save 5 miles:


Know before you go– using a journey planner can help you find the quickest and easiest route to travel by public transport or car.

Plan ahead– to combine several car trips as part of the same overall journey rather than lots of separate trips. The CO2 and fuel cost savings add up, and make best use of precious time.

Life on two wheels– nearly a quarter of all car trips are under two miles. Cycling those two miles instead can take just 12 minutes and is a great way to exercise. Each two-mile trip can burn over 100 calories.

It’s good to walk– it’s tempting to use the car to travel just a mile down the road, but it is the perfect distance to walk. As well as health benefits, on average, walking a years worth of one mile trips instead of driving can save you over £160 a year in fuel.

Share a car– travel by car with friends and family or colleagues from work.






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