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Travel by car


In many cases journeys by car appear to be the easiest and most convenient option for travel. However there are different options available.



Zipcar has a network of self-service cars and vans located across Cambridge in reserved parking bays, available to hire by the hour. Residents and businesses can book them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and bookings can be from as little as 1 hour to over a week.


How do I reserve a Zipcar?

You can reserve on the website or use the free app.




How long can I book a car for?

You can reserve a Zipcar or Zipvan for as little as one hour, or as much as 7 days at a time. Whether it’s a quick shopping trip or an extra long escape from the city, you can book your car or van in half-hour increments.


How far can I drive?

You can drive Zipcars and Zipvans as far you like – there is no mileage limit on reservations. Your reservation includes 60 free miles per day.

For information on charges please visit




Where to start

  1. JOIN zipcar - Claim your one year free membership at
  2. RESERVE your zipcar using the Zipcar app or through the website
  3. UNLOCK the car using the zipcar app or by swiping your zipcard
  4. DRIVE and simply return the car to the same parking spot

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